Tutoring and Homeschool Classes

Classes offered 2017-2018 - in Kennesaw:
1210 Wooten Lake Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144
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                   German 1                         British Lit                           Public Speaking 

                   Latin 3                             Jr. High Writing                  Central European History      

                  Biology                            HS Writing                          Middle School English

                                                           Adv. HS Writing                                                                                                           

Other Classes: 

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Current students: 

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 A full-service small-class and tutoring service for public, private or home schooled 
students in Cobb County, Georgia including Kennesaw and Marietta.

With 30 years experience in public, private and home school education, Freya Fitzpatrick offers a flexible teaching service to meet your needs. Options include:

  • One-on-one tutoring using the textbooks, materials or syllabus your child already has to maximize comprehension and performance in the classroom.
  • Small classes designed to meet your group's needs. Parents explain their goals and needs, and we will design a course and select material to accomplish your goals.
  • Small classes in a wide variety of subject areas with syllabus already designed by us. These classes can meet curriculum goals for home schooled students or be after-school and summer enrichment classes.

As a teacher I:

  • Treat students with respect and promote responsibility for actions
  • Am genuinely willing to listen
  • Am a highly qualified, naturally patient teacher
  • Am skilled at mixing fun with work
  • Have an excellent ability to communicate with people
  • Have a contagious enthusiasm for learning
  • Have excellent references available