My Educational Philosophy

  • Learning is fun. My approach to teaching generates a feeling of anticipation, excitement and pleasure in learning. 

  • A teacher must match his/her teaching style to the students' learning styles. One-on-one and small group classes makes this possible. Often what we call learning problems are a mismatch of student and teacher styles. A learning styles inventory will help us to teach each student in the style that most facilitates learning. 

  • Success breeds success. Learning for life cannot begin until we believe we can learn. All our teaching is paced to guarantee that the students see progress and feel success. Once students believe in themselves - believe they can learn - they are able to learn better. 

  • All our senses help us learn. We have five senses. Each has its own unique pathway to our brain. The more of our senses we engage in each lesson, the quicker we learn and the more firmly the information takes root in our brain.

Figure 1 - While sight accounts for 75% of perception, that means 25% of our learning comes through our other senses