Homeschooling - Basics

Homeschooling Information

Why Homeschooling?

There are many reasons why families make the decision to home educate their children. They range from social, emotional, academic, and religious or a combination of the above. Following are some of the advantages of home schooling:
  • Social Reasons
    • Gives the child an opportunity to relate to a variety of age groups, not age specific
    • Promotes family unity, which provides a base of security for the child
    • Allows for more parental than peer influence
    • Helps the child develop a stronger sense of self-identity and independence as opposed to peer-dependence
  • Emotional Reasons
    • Enables families to focus on individual character development: respect, creativity, responsibility, etc.
    • Provides a buffer against peer pressure or abuse
    • Promotes quality and quantity time essential to child development
    • Promotes healthy self image because the school experience can be tailored for each child's success, rather than the pass/fail structure of traditional school.
  • Academic Reasons
    • Provides for flexible and fun learning environment; gives the opportunity to take advantage of special interests, vacation schedules, teachable moment, etc.
    • Gives opportunity to meet special needs and address learning differences; the child is not rushed into academic learning before developmentally ready, but may accelerate learning if appropriate without having to jump ahead to a grade level which is not socially appropriate.
    • Bridges “book-learning” with real-life experiences and hands-on learning for more interest and better retention of information.
  • Religious/Spiritual Reasons
    • Provides opportunity to instruct in family's particular religious values
    • Child is not “censored” in religious expression
    • Child is not “forced” to participate in rituals or practices the child is uncomfortable with