“As a parent of one of her former tutoring students, I can only sing praises of Freya’s talent as a teacher. My son did well in Math until the second semester of Algebra. Until at that point, he was so confused he was unable to continue with the assignments. This not being my favorite subject and having completed my Algebra class some twenty plus years before, we needed a tutor and quick. I called Freya; she was able to fit us in her busy schedule within the week. We scheduled for several sessions based on our first visit. It seems he wasn’t as far off track as this panic mother had thought. But he did need to back up and really understand the processes in a logical way. Freya took the time to show him how to work the different problems , explained the point of the various exercises and gave him memory tricks to help him remember how to select the correct process to work the problem. 

Freya was very kind to allow me to sit in on the tutoring sessions so when my son worked on his Algebra, I had a better understanding as well. With Freya’s help in Algebra, my son was able to complete his course work and move on to Geometry with ease. He has since finished high school and will be starting college next semester.”

~ Kate - Rogers, AR

Thank you so much for all you have done to help us with our son’s study habits. He is such a smart kid and could do so well if he could focus more. He has really come along way under your guidance! I have never seen him so excited about a grade! Thank you so much for getting him to work so hard!

We feel blessed to have you as his teacher! 

~Donna - Marietta, GA

Thank-you for a wonderful year. My daughter learned so much in your Latin class, not just about Latin, but about how to succeed in learning. She could feel how much you believed in her, how you were willing her to succeed and it made her believe in herself. An "A" has never meant so much to her before.

~Lisa - Marietta, GA

I need to tell you that you are one of the best teachers I have ever had. Every class I've ever taken with you has been amazing. 

I remember that I was so nervous at the start of public speaking, but at the end of the classes, I was just so excited to get up and speak. I loved the research that went into it, but I also loved just getting up and interacting with the audience.

Writing has been amazing as well. I've picked up on things that I hadn't fully understood before. I also learned that I love doing the journalism writing!

 Each subject you teach, I enjoy, and even though you have so many students, you take the time to make each of us feel special. I can't quite find the words to say how much I appreciate you, but the least I can say is that you are an awesome teacher.

~Rachel – Kennsaw

I’ve homeschooled my 7 kids for  20 years now and this is the first outside class group we’ve participated in.  We did it at the encouragement of someone I mentored before her first year of homeschooling.  Her children had been in private schools as well as public and she loved Freya’s classes.  So, we skeptically tried it with my youngest son.  He really, really did not want to take middle school science because he’d convinced himself he hated science, especially biology.  Well, the first week, he was so impressed with anatomy class and Freya’s teaching style.  He has continued to really enjoy it each week sense—even the homework.  Initially, he fought the lab reports, but after doing two, decided that he loves them and wants to do even more of them than are assigned.  Crazy kid!

As a parent, I love these things about the class:

·         The syllabus is very clearly laid out with all assignments given at the beginning of the year (meaning you have the paperwork, explanation and dates in hand)

·         Each week, Freya sends a Power-Point of what was covered in class (what a lovely surprise that was)

·         She upfronts potentially controversial topics with parents ahead of time

·         Freya allows parents to decide how much or how little homework and graded assignments to do

·         She is very encouraging of the children’s efforts and flexible about issues going on within the family

·         She has been very open and gets information out as early as possible.

So, that’s a lot of love, especially when I haven’t even taken the time to meet Freya face-to-face! 

~Corrine – Marietta

I cannot recommend Freya highly enough.  My son is in a 2 day a week/all subjects included program and is in 10th grade.  I realized that he was not writing enough and so I enrolled him in Freya's High School writing class.  It is fantastic and well worth the 40 minute drive and extra day away from home.  Her teaching style is enthusiastic, structured and supportive.  My son learned more about writing in 3 short months with her, than he did all last year.  I was so pleased, that I hired Freya to teach my children and a few of their friends a writing class in the summer for a week.

 I knew Freya from a speech class that my son took while in 9th grade.  She was fantastic, and helped her students learn very disciplined ways of writing speeches and delivering them.  My son learned so much and was challenged as well as encouraged.  I have recommended Freya to many friends and would have my kids sit under her teaching any chance I get. 

~Jocelyn – Marietta