Tutoring Benefits

Benefits of One-to-One Tutoring

  • Tutoring helps students master effective study habits and critical thinking skills as they develop a greater understanding of class material. 

  • Students' grades improve, their confidence increases, their interest in doing quality work improves, and their enthusiasm toward learning is heightened. 

  • The skills I focus on go far beyond improved homework and test scores. These skills are a springboard for expanding the student's abilities in and outside of the classroom. 

  • Tutoring helps students discover their strengths and encourages them to develop in areas that need improvement. 

  • Tutoring provides plentiful opportunities for success, without a class full of students that make the process embarrassing. 

  • Tutoring is based on guided discovery. Classrooms with 30+ students don't have time for everyone's questions. Because each student learns differently, I encourage questions and teach students how they learn best, at their own pace. 

  • Students are more accountable for their actions when one person is able to provide them with positive reinforcement, continuous encouragement, combined with technical expertise and constructive feedback. Individual attention is essential for confidence to increase, learning to take place and grades to improve. 

  • Completion of work is not my main goal; I strive for an understanding of material as well as forming habits that go beyond the tutoring session. 

  • By consistently modeling and encouraging effective organization and discipline, I foster within each student the ability to concentrate on the material and learn faster with fewer distractions. 

  • Through continual accomplishments, students of all ability levels gain confidence, discover learning is worthwhile and realize their potential. 

  • One-on-one tutoring allows me to adapt and modify to student's style of learning